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Bria for iPhone

Bria iPhone Edition is a SIP-based softphone application for the iPhone. It can use your cellular connection or Wi-Fi to make and receive calls. Premium features include video calling, presence, and messaging.

Cost: $7.99

iTunes store

Step 1

Open the application and select ‘Settings’ from the bottom menu. In the ‘Settings’ menu, select ‘Accounts’, and then the ‘+’ sign in the upper left hand corner to add a SIP account.

Step 2

There should be a list of VoIP providers labeled “VoIP Providers - Calling”. Find ‘OnSIP’ and select it.

Step 3

The next screen will have 6 fields for you to fill out: Account Name, Display as [Caller ID], Username, Password, Auth Name, & Domain.

You can choose anything you want for ‘Account Name’ and ‘Display as’. We recommend something like ‘GetOnSIP account' or '[Your Username]’ so you won’t get confused if you decide to set up multiple SIP accounts.

To fill out Username, Password, Auth Name, and Domain, please log into your GetOnSIP account and select ‘View Profile’.

Fill out the fields as follows (format is field in Bria: field in GetOnSIP Profile):

  • Username: Username
  • Password: SIP Password (Note: case sensitive)
  • Auth Name: Auth Username
  • Domain: Domain

Press the Register button, and then the save button in the upper left hand corner. This should take you back to your list of accounts where you can confirm that everything was entered in correctly. Successfully registered accounts should look like this.

Now you’re ready to make calls and receive SIP calls.

Enabling Video

Video is a Premium Feature that must be purchased separately. You can find Premium Features under Settings. By Default, your GetOnSIP account should have Video enabled, but if for some reason it is not, take these following steps:

  1. Go into your Accounts list and choose the account you’d like to enable video on
  2. Unregister the account for the moment so you can edit it
  3. Click on Account Specific Features and Enable Video (choose the settings you’d like)
  4. Re-register that account