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Desk Phone

Seamlessly conduct audio and video calls in your Chrome or Firefox browser. There is absolutely nothing to download, and communications are peer-to-peer (secure). Invite people to communicate with your instant call link.

Use SIP applications on your smartphone and take calls from anywhere. GetOnSIP is compatible with all open-source mobile VoIP (SIP) applications.

GetOnSIP works with downloadable soft phone applications on your PC or laptop. Some of the most popular soft phone downloads include Counterpath's Bria and the free Jitsi project.

Register your SIP address on your home or office phone for free voice and video via SIP. Your GetOnSIP SIP address will work with any SIP-based desk phone.

Enhance your applications with SIP

Integrate SIP-based voice and video into your applications for powerful HD communications on any device with our developer services. Best of all, it's all built on a robust, industry-leading SIP platform that handles all the scaling for you.

var ua = new SIP.UA();
  'Hello, world!'
var session = ua.invite('john@example.com'); session.on('accepted', function () { this.bye(); });
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